Policy Changes

Our Policy Service Department, staffed by professional customer service representatives, is available to assist you, our valued policyholders and your representative, with any questions or concerns you may have related to your policy. The Department primarily handles the issuance of new/renewal policies, policy cancellations and reinstatements, endorsements (which are changes to your policy) and billing/payment inquiries, as well as any general question you may have.

Listed below are some of the types of inquiries and endorsements that are commonly handled by Policy Service:

  • Address changes
  • Changing Limits of Coverage
  • Updating Officer Exemption Status*
  • Applying for Eligible Credits (Safety, Drug-Free Workplace, and FCCPAP) *
  • Ownership Changes*
  • Experience modification Changes
  • Payroll Adjustments*
  • Waivers of Subrogation Requests*
    * Additional documentation required with a request for this change.
Endorsements require documentation of the request to make a change and for some changes, as notated above, additional documentation is also required. Hence, all change requests should be directed to your agent so they can ensure we are receiving the necessary paperwork to expedite your change requests.

Please note that we are only able to communicate with the Agent of Record on your policy. For our policyholders whose agent has placed their coverage through a broker, please note that the broker and not your agent is the designated Agent of Record on your policy. We are unable to answer questions or accept or provide any information to or from your agent. Please be sure to have your agent contact the broker to convey your requests to us.

Our Policy Service Department looks forward to providing any assistance you may need. Please email us at [email protected] or call (866) 469-3224 and choose the prompt for Policy Service between 8:30 AM and 5:00 PM.