FCBI Updated Launch Information

Greetings Agency Partner,

We are fast approaching April 1st, the date our workers’ compensation products will be launched into the marketplace under the name FCBI!

In preparation for “Launch Day,” we are upholding our commitment to tell you, our agency partners, any time we plan to communicate with our mutual policyholders.

As you know, FCBI has always been the insurance carrier and financial strength behind the workers’ compensation insurance policies you sell to your clients. Previously FCBI policies were sold in the marketplace under “FUBA Workers’ Comp.” As we celebrate our 40th Anniversary in business this year, we have reached a point in our continued growth and evolution where we have determined it is in our clients’ best interests for our future development to bring our marketing and underwriting functions in-house. Effective April 1st, that transition will be complete, and you will see the carrier name – FCBI – on all communications.

You will be receiving a mailing next week that will include this letter along with magnets detailing FCBI’s updated communication information and our current Target Class Codes & Rates for your reference.

You can send your April new business submissions to us via email to: [email protected]

Next week, we will send a letter to policyholders informing them of our new phone number and website; and will be including a magnet with all our communications information, as well as a brochure on the history of FCBI. We will also advise them to call you, their agent, with any questions they may have.

The following will be the message content (along with a version of the 2nd paragraph above):

Important information for you to have effective April 1, 2018:

Phone Number: Dial – 1-866-469-3224 (1-866-4my-fcbi)
Select Option “2” for Policy Services

Website: www.fcbifund.com (monthly self-audit payments will be made here)
Mailing Address: FCBI, P.O. Box 618387, Orlando, FL 32861
Mail payments to: FCBI, P.O. Box 865640, Orlando, FL 32886-5640

Other than the address you send your payments to or the website address you visit to report your payroll, you do not have to do anything differently. If you pay monthly via installment billing, you will receive an envelope with the correct mailing address.

Please let us know if there is any additional information you would like us to communicate to the policyholders at this time.