The FCBI Fund is a workers’ compensation self-insurance fund licensed pursuant to s. 624.4621, Florida Statutes.

The Fund began operations in Florida in 1977 under the name Citrus Self-Insurers Fund, primarily writing citrus packing house workers’ coverage.

FCBI Fund currently utilizes the independent agency network in Florida to write workers’ compensation policies for a broad range of business segments, including retail establishments, construction companies, and service industry businesses. The Fund is now marketed to the agent community under the trade name “FUBA Workers’ Comp.”

FUBA, the sponsoring association of the Fund, is a not-for-profit trade association, headquartered in Tallahassee, Florida, representing small and medium-sized businesses.

Meeting the Needs of Florida Business

Historically, group self-insurance funds have been able to operate more efficiently and cost-effectively compared to larger, top-heavy insurance operations. This enables the Fund to build members’ surplus which provides the secure financial foundation for the program and allows the program to be positioned to offer competitive policy owner dividend products and attractive agent commission programs.

Additionally, the Fund is overseen by a local Board of Trustees, a majority of whom remain active members/participants in the Fund as required by our Trust Agreement.


Independent Agents

FCBI engages a network of independent and licensed insurance agents. The Fund currently has over 500 active agencies supporting our program and submitting business to the Fund.

Prior to being approved by the Fund, each agent must submit an application detailing his or her agency and, once approved, must sign an Agency Agreement with the Fund. All agents must have errors and omissions insurance of at least $1 million per occurrence.


Every new business submission is reviewed in light of the Fund’s underwriting guidelines.

The Fund’s underwriters compare all class codes with reported accidents to confirm that the proper classification and payroll reporting is taking place. New businesses must have management or owners with prior business experience.



The Fund uses rates approved by the Florida Office of Insurance Regulation. Florida is a unit-rate state, and all carriers must use the same rates as approved by the Office of Insurance Regulation.

The Fund uses the standard stock company discount (premium volume discount) filed by the NCCI in Florida. The Fund does provide a safety program credit of 2% and a drug-free workplace program credit of 5% to employers who have properly applied for them and are determined to be eligible.