Who We Are

FUND Administration

The overall management of the Fund is provided by the Fund’s Chief Executive Officer. The Fund operates like a cooperative or mutual insurance company wherein the program is owned by the members/policyholders.

Any excess premiums collected by the Fund that remains after booking provisions for the satisfaction of claims and operating expenses is reported as ‘surplus as regards policyholders’. These surplus funds provide the financial underpinning for the Fund and may be returned to the members over time, based upon affirmative action by the Board of Trustees.

The FCBI Fund reports to the Florida Office of Insurance Regulation via quarterly financial filings, as well as submissions of an annual independent financial audit and an independent actuarial evaluation.


FCBI Fund Board of Trustees and Executive Team

Front L to R

John Minton – Vice Chairman
Dan Richey – Chairman

Back L to R

Jeff Jennings – Trustee
Sam Oswald – Chief Financial Officer
Debra Ruedisili – Chief Executive Officer
Gap Kovach – Immediate Chairman
Jim Emerson – Trustee